Emely Keleher, Pennsylvania

I used to lived in Falls Church VA with my soon to be ex husband lets call him A$$Hole for more than 10 years. We owned a house and we were a happy in love couple well that’s what I thought until this w***e EMELY KELEHER started working in my ex husband’s office on 2007? We already had a little baby and of course we had our problems like everybody else who is young, with a baby and working full time. Anyways 2008 and the beginning of 2009 was a very rough time for our marriage, I was tired, not in shape and I will say I may had postpartum depression I’ll cry, be very sensitive, who wouldn’t? My lovely husband was coming home very late, “over time”? Of course his overtime was with this w***e banging her on the parking lots all over Arlington and Alexandria oh yeah they were party buddies, they will go all around and guess who was paying of course my idiot husband. Did I mentioned she is married? Yes she is, at that time she didn’t have any kids now she has two and one may be my ex husbands, because after I found out on 2009, she was gone from the office because her idiot loser husband moved her to PA. I am not really sure if they moved because he got a better job ” or because he found out about “David ” another co worker who she was banging before my ex a*****e husband and everybody at work knew and they were disgusted by it, because he was also married and with a pregnant wife who had a miscarriage because of this cheap w***e. Anyways, back to 2009 I was very hurt, crazy as h**l wishing I could get my hands on this piece of s**t cheap w***e. But then my good neighbor who is my bff and introduced me to her church. I started to find peace and try to forgive of course not to forget and I didn’t do anything against her. My ex a*****e moved out for many months and he would come by everyday to see and play with our son, and try to win me back. It was hard for me to see him and not feel pain because I truly loved him and he was a good father. He used to be my best friend, my rock so I thought well maybe ill give him a second chance and in 2010 he moved back. A few months later I got pregnant with another beautiful boy who has down syndrome but he is our little angel full of love and brings joy and happiness. It was hard at first when he was born but we never denied him loved and care. Last year around July-August my husband company started sent him on business trip and guess what? He ran into Emely keleher who became my nightmare again and got pregnant and I am sure is my ex a******s kid. Of course this time I am divorcing him and helping karma with this website to get this b***h and expose her because again she is messing with my 2 kids’ family. He admitted to it because I found the texts specially the pic she sent of her nasty p***y and she even asked him to lick it like the way only way he knows how to do it. I almost threw up when I read the texts. She even dared to text him that she read that if the pregnant mother’s drinks a lot during the pregnancy it can cause the baby to be born mongolism, that there made me crazy first because I didn’t drink during my pregnancy and second because you w***e don’t get to talk about my kids especially my precious baby … I hate her not because she f**ked this a*****e but because she met me on 2008, she ate and drank in my house. She dressed in my clothes because I gave her some of my dresses because they were too small for me at the time. I let it go the first time I found out, but not this time, especially knowing you have a new child with special needs and that now more than ever my kids need a solid family and still sleeping with my ex? Sorry you are evil, and I hope I get your husband’s info because I am going to make sure he knows he is raising somebody else’s child. I saw her profiles pictures smiling happy next to her husband and son while my family is destroyed thanks to her nasty help. Karma is going to get you and I hope very soon fake b***h, you live and dress like a rich lady but you are a cheap w***e who goes around eating and dressing from other people’s leftovers. Beware Philly girls this w***e is going to be unleashed and hunting again soon after her baby is a few more months older. She likes married and successful guys who can buy her expensive gifts.


One thought on “Emely Keleher, Pennsylvania

  1. I hope she rots in h**l. Stupid b***h. Women and men like this need to be put out there. I’m sorry she wrecked your home. And I hope this helps to have her not wreck another home. I think home wreckers should be sued!!! Dumb b***h. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Karma will be a b***h to her.

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