Elle Bi – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Elle Bi is a delusional and psychotic woman who finds joy in harassing people to fill the voids in her pathetic life.

While pretending to be a high class individual, this unintelligent coward sits behind her computer for days stalking/making up nasty and malicious stories about people who’ve rejected her as well as their peers out of jealousy.

This crazy woman gives women everywhere a bad name. Steer clear of her unless you have spare time for a restraining order, or can offer some psychiatric help and a straight jacket.

You’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “Elle Bi – Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. THANK YOU! I wish I would’ve seen this before she tried to victimize me! What a psycho, I’m in awe of the lies she’s posted on Google mentioning me by name. All because I wouldn’t destroy her ex boyfriend who I never met. Watch out!

  2. In my opinion………She is a Crazy, delusional and Jealous woman. Her real name is not even Elle Bi, g*d knows what she really does for living or what is her back Ground. I would clearly stay from her, she seems mentally ill. She has sued her X-boy friend for dumping her in los Angeles superior court! Stay away from this one as NO one needs a headache of dating a psycho!

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