Edwin Martinez. New Orleans.

I don’t even know where to start about this a*****e Edwin Martinez. The entire 2 years he was in a relationship with my friend he’s been an a*s. She treated him well, helped him when he needed it, did everything he asked, stuck with him when he hit rock bottom & had nothing & how does he show love & appreciation? He cheated on her a few times with hoes half her worth, went days away from home, talked s**t about her to people, embarrassed her, disrespected her & always ignored her calls & definitely ignored her as a gf altogether. He’s unapologetic & non remorseful! Pure cold blooded. He won’t even give her back the money she loaned him when he was on hard times but he spends it on going out & b*m hoes! I saw him doing it tonight!! & he looked right at me & said nothing! Major mistake forgiving & staying with dumbass for that long. He won’t even acknowledge or address her pregnancy which he claimed he wanted! I’m glad she’s moving to Cali. He doesn’t deserve her or a child. So if anyone knows him or wants to tell that cold dumb less than a man Edwin Martinez that he’s a fool & send him straight to h**l where he belongs. 504-209-1321


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