Edward Paul Bailey

Together for 11 months.. ended Sept 26, loves to text.. I’m positive he was texting other girls he always stayed in bathroom a long time.. anyway he started living with me about 5 months ago cause I lived closer to his job, then his sister at first it was great cause we got to spend more time together. But he was always broke.. we rarely went out, except to stores.. his favorite game stop. He spent alot of time playing video games.. I think I got more attention when he wasn’t here all the time. Any way he’s a lier a cheater, loser s**t job no license no car when he’s not flopping at your house he lives on his sister’s couch.. After I asked him to stop texting so much he would try to sneak it… jerk. I saw not stupid.. made me so insecure I checked out who liked his pics on Facebook and message one chic Tina Dunnkoski.. she said they had been together 3 years and one of her kids was his.. I’m like are u nuts he lives at my house he is always here.. but I guess sometimes when he said he at work he wasn’t. F**k it he begged me to prove his love said he did see her a little only cause of her kids seared he not sleeping with her . That’s not what she said.. done and done. Cheater liar, loser, s**t job, no home, no car why was I sooo stupid.. cause he talked and listens when all I wanted was friend and then before I knew it we talked every day.. and I actually began having feeling be fore we even met.. like two months he worked on me. What ever personally I think he faked the whole relationship . And I fell so hard couldn’t see it cause he did almost everything rite.


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