So the scam artist, Anthony Broccolina joined forces with Michael Nealis. The two own Echodale Services LLC. Anthony Broccolina had to give up his business Broccolina Brothers because everyone knew about his scam artist ways. Then he created, Baltimore Building Concepts to try to hide his involvement. So now, he is operating under Echodale Services LLC. These 2 together scam people. Please take serious WARNING. You don’t want to support this business. Anthony Broccolina knows how to con people and Michael Nealis follows the ways of Anthony. Anything is an abusive, lier,and cheater. Don’t support a business that is ran by a person that drinks moonshine, smokes pot, and uses women. There are many good businesses out there. This is not one.



  1. I wish there were more negative reviews about this group. I made the mistake of using them last year for painting services and couldn’t wait to get them out of my house. Worst company I have ever hired, I know i was overcharged and the quality of work by Michael was horrible. I am constantly advising people not to use them.

  2. Anthony. Is a good man. His work is impeccable. Get your facts straight….. We have worked with each other. But not in business together. Whomever you are. You are a coward who slanders my A plus rated business without knowing a thing about me. While hanging around a seedy sight Ike this. I came across this while googling my business name and am horrified!!!

  3. Company of lying and cheating men. Scam company. Echodale Services LLC is a front to steal your money and screw your wife behind your back. Hired them to remodel my house but instead my wife’s underpants got redecorated with this guys sperm. Guy is the biggest lying b*****d that has ZERO morals. Call them up and ask for the f*** my wife special 410-258-7886 or 410-866-0090.

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