Dwayne Creech, Everett, Massachusetts

Once I first met Dwayne he used to be this sort of gentleman, he paid for all of our dates, he opened doorways for me, he put a vehicle in his name for me, he would do some thing for me. Then just a few months later, I found out he was dishonest on with me. Then I found out there have been a number of other ladies. He’s superb at mendacity and turning matters round. He gave me STDs twice…Syphilis and Trichinosis. I was once in love with this man. He broke my coronary heart. Women….If in case you have any respect for yourselves, run as a ways and fast as that you may.



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  1. Hi. I’m not sure who you are. How long have you been with dwayne? I’ve been with him for a while. I’ve always had my doubts. I going out there were several other women recently. I’m not sure about you or the other women, but Dwayne and I were extremely serious. I’m not sure about you and the other women. I would send a lot of time with him. I Know his entire family. I’ve been to his families houses for holidays. I’ve met all 5 of his children. I know things about dwayne that nobody knows about. This is very hard for me , please tell me how you met him , how long you’ve known him and how serious it was or is. I’m not sure if you know this but he is on dating sites trying to pick up women already.

  2. Another thing, you must be very intelligent. You copy someone’s post from another cheaters site, but yet you still can’t spell the d**n words correctly. He must have gotten himself a real bright one…a pathological liar and a dumb a*s…perfect pair. I wonder what type of “flaws” his other women have. Oh wait, he doesn’t have “other” women. He’s faithful to every single one of you out there. Ok let me stop because I was once one of you dumb women that would believe all his lies even though I saw the proof, it was right in front of my eyes. I just didn’t want to believe it. Hopefully you ladies will finally get a clue like I did.

  3. Hi. I just found this and have a question. I have known him for years. But we talk about dating. Are you seeing him? I will not even go out as friends if you are.

    1. I am not seeing him now, let me guess, he told you he’s an engineer, right? I bet everything this man has told you all these years is a lie. Just answer that question about his job, I’d bet my life he told you that.

  4. RayRay…I’m going to be honest with you, Dwayne and I broke up recently. We were very serious or so I thoufht. When I found out about all the other women, I was going to make his life a living h**l and tell all his other women the truth about Dwayne. I didn’t care if he knew it was me or not, I’ve put his info on other cheating sites. Well I recently found out something out about Dwayne that scared the H**l out of me, I’ve since taken all of the information down. I don’t know what he’s capable of. I shouldn’t even be writing this. By now he has you thinking he’s this wonderful man. Please be VERY careful. Good luck.

  5. Hi. Thank you i will not mention this to him at all… not sure what you found out but it does make me uneasy…

  6. Yes he has. Works in Cambridge. This what he has told me for years. I think I was out on a date when he was still daring you after what I have read. I am so sorry.

    1. Don’t be sorry at all. I would actually like to speak to you if you’re ok with that. I don’t even care if he finds out. Would you be willing to talk? I think we would have a lot to talk about. I think we would both learn a lot from each other. I’m assuming you didn’t know he was engaged recently either .

  7. I found this wed site only after I Google his name about his passing of his sister. The dated all of this got posted had me a bit wondering about conversation his has had with me.

    1. I just want you to know after everything I have found out about him during the past two months I’m totally over him, If we talk, it’s not like I’m going to run back and tell him anything, I just think there is a lot that you should know about him.

    1. Well just an FYI he was with me a few days before Juanita passed away. It seems he likes leaving presents around.

  8. Good Morning Ladies….I am no longer with him though he may think so…and yes his world is comong down…What I would like to share I would not like to put down here yet, but I willjust give me time to finish what I have started…I will keep in touch.

        1. He was what? Someone is telling me stuff, I promised I wouldn’t mention the persons name, everything this person has told me turned out to be true so far. Do you know where the other girl lives?

          1. No name….I think you should tell your story, I’m dying to know if he was with you the same time he was with me and how serious the two of you were and who the other girl is…,yea I’m just nosey I guess.

  9. If you don’t mind me asking? When were you girls seeing Dwayne? I just started seeing him and I’m really into him. Are you all in relationship with him? Or dating?

  10. With me its a long story..I’ve known him for about 4yrs.. I was with him last week..With Dwayne you really don’t know if your’re with him or not. He text me till this day..I stopped seeing him but for some reason he keeps coming back..the only thing now is that it’s different this time is me wanting to get him back for putting me through all this s**t…

    I wonder how does he have time for all these women…..Again I will tell you all but in due time, I have unfinished business..I will let you in on it….one thing for sure if I had the money I would put his face on a billboard for everyone to see including him. He has no respect for women…A person like this will get what he deserves without anyone doing anything..

  11. GM He must have more women out there…they are all coming out of the woodwork..I do think we need to meet, but I do have some reservation. I will tell you I will e calling my Dr. to have a full work up on labs…since I see all the gifts he has given every one…condoms are not 100% secure and he doesn’t seem to like them much.

      1. I’m happy you are clean please be careful if you are still with him. I wish I was as lucky…but I’m good…people that do bad eventually get wat they deserve without anyone having to lift a finger.

        I haven’t heard from him today, I’m hoping he doesn’t know anything at least not yet…

  12. Good afternoon ladies. A few us are trying to get together next weekend to meet for a couple of drinks. It will be nice to meet up, compare stories, laugh, maybe even cry for some of us. We’re not sure if we’re going to meet up at a place that Dwayne goes to or someplace that he doesn’t nornally go to. It depends on what everyone feels comfortable with. So far there’s about 4 of us getting together. If you’re interested, let it be known. I hope everyone is doing well.

    One of Dwayne’s Crazy Ex Girlfriends
    ( this is what he tells his new girls 🙂 )

  13. Hello ladies,
    I’m actually not surprised to see all these posts about Dwayne. He lied to me the whole time we were together. I was his “girlfriend”, we spent every weekend together for the first few months than that stopped. Later on I found out that it stopped because he was cheating on me with four other women.

  14. I would diffently like to meet. I would rather it be just us first and maybe plan a way where we all show up at the place where he is at…I havesome ideas if all of you are willing…

    Yeah, that’s what he has tole me also crazy ex girlfriends….lol…I would just like to see his face.

    One of my ideas is for one to be with him and the rest show up and just sit dowm and say hi…and have himbuy all of his crazies drinks annd dinner…of course he pays for us all….

    1. Lol that sounds really good, I don’t what your relationship is/was with him but myself and one other woman were in serious relationships with him, so he absolutely hates us right now. We’re the crazy ex-girlfriends. Believe me, neither one us are crazy. We’ve met each other and and have hung out. We even had a good time, especially the first we hung out. I’m not saying any names, but one if the other ladies on here has admitted that she’s been a booty call for several years. So basically, there’s no way that the other ex or myself can or would even want to make plans to meet with him. Depending on your relationship with him No Name, you or the booty call girl or one of his other women would have to meet up with him someplace and then we could all show up. Maybe I’ll bring all the jewelry with me including the engagement ring and throw it at him, lol. Anyone else have any ideas how we can do this?

      1. One more other thing, his other ex and I are totally over him, we’re just dying to find out how many more ladies he was with while he was with us. Of course we also want to warn other women about him.

  15. No I wasn’t a booty call.I wish I was….He met my children..I’ve been to his house several times and had spend the night there. I had also met his sisters at a familyy party he took me a while ago. I still have pictures of us together which I thought I had already deleted..I also have an SMS tracker that backs up allof my test messages including his. His last text was yesterday.

      1. S**t, didn’t mean to do that. As I was saying I’m almost positive who you are NoName. I’ve met all his family, his mother, sisters and his kids several times. He told me I’m the only one that has met his family, then he was thinking about it for a second and told me of an ex girlfriend that he took to a function that his family was at. I think I know your name too. I think I’ve seen you, if you’re the same person and he didn’t lie, you live about 20 minutes from him. Am I right about that or do I have the wrong girl?

  16. your correct…I don’t know you? At least I don’t think so. He told me last week he loved me and I just looked at him and stayed quiet…lol…I had deleted his cell number…everything he was the one that started to text me again..so I figure let me see what it is that he wants….I can’t be with a person I can’t trust…Do I think or does he see it as we are together again….I know I don’t..I just want him to see that womenare not objects…He forgets that a women gave birth to him and the he has daughters and grand daughter…a person like that doesn’t change unless his d**k falls….lmao

    1. Did he start texting you around the beginning of February? Do you live in Lynn? I think you and I need to talk. You should call him and tell you saw him in Chelsea tonight, lol.

  17. Yes he did. Naw..then he will know that I’m up to something….I’m in no rush..I see it this way if it works out what i have planned then fine if it doesn’t i’m ok with that also. If it’s not me or you that will get back at him someone will. People reap what the sow…and when it happens to him I will feel sorry for him..

    He hurt me a great deal but I’m still standing..do i still care for him yes but I love me…..:) And I know I will find someone that will have eyes just for me…lol…because if he thinks I’m not talking to people than he’s stupid

  18. By the way I’m free this weekend ifanyone wants to meet. Bring pictures, text..whatever you like…lol

    1. Lol something like that NoName. I know someone very close to him and he has no clue that I know them. This isn’t fair, lol i feel like I’m giving all my info out and nobody is giving me any info. He did the same thing to all if us, we shouldn’t be the ones to hide anything. NoName…does your
      First name end in an H? Your real first name, not your nickname.

      1. Yes, I know about both of his ex-wives. He hurt me a lot also, but since we’ve broken up, I have found out so much about this man, that I got over so fast. I dont feel bad at all for him. I’m sure he hates me the most because I know the most stuff about him and he has no clue how I know. I went to one of his ex-wives house once to drop one of the kids off. I didn’t go in, I stayed in the car.

        1. So your name doesn’t begin with an E ? I guess I’m really wrong then. You must be another one. No way, Lee would never do that. If you want to email me, you can do that. You have nothing to worry about with me. Like I said, I don’t talk to him, I want absolutely nothing at all to do with him. I can’t even believe I stayed with him as long as I did. I was out with him night and some girl saw us together, I really thought it was you.

          1. Ok I won’t use your name on here. We were going to meet Saturday night, but i already have plans. I wish I could cancel, but I can’t. We were going to get together the following Saturday. You have seen me NoName. We live in the same city.

        2. Oh yeah I forgot about the 1st one. I’m done with him. I jst want him to see that women aren’t stupid even if he still and he will still be the same dog…but he will always remember what happened…

          Again, if anyone would like to meet this Sat. I’m willing to go.

  19. No it doesn’t.(H)? Must be another. I’m not trying to be unfair. I will give you all the info I just don’t want to doit here. Is it Lee?

    1. Oh that was nice, hope you enjoyed yourself. I was thinking you and I really do need to talk and not In here. Someone in here is telling him stuff and I know who it is. I just don’t feel comfortable saying too much stuff. You do know who I am and I can’t wait to tell you, as soon as I tell you, you’ll remember exactly who I am. I can give you my email address, we can talk over email if you’d like. Like I said, I just feel more comfortable if we don’t say too much in here. There is a sneak in here that has decided to stay with him and is running back and telling him stuff.

  20. I did he’s asked me out a few times and I’ve always said no but I thought it was time…I’m in a place where I’m very happy with my outcome.

  21. Omg this is pitiful…this man is running all of us around…Two ex wives, two babies plus his grown a*s kids…he is sick and is going to convince you he loves you and everyone else is sick and crazy…a big d**k and nipples being pinched…sick f*****g b*****d

  22. OMG……2 babies?…..didn’t know about that. This piece of c**p really needs to be stopped..he doesn’t care about anyone he doesn’t care about giving everyone STD.

    Someone his going to cut off his d**k or it’s going to fall off and I will be laughing when that time comes..

      1. Hey ladies……he’s with the one he loves tonight, don’t be jealous. Please don’t bother us unless it’s an emergency. You know how to reach us. You all have his number and some of you have mine, have a good night, I know we will. Oh yea, whoever is texting him from fake numbers, please stop, it ain’t working 🙂

      1. I was trying to track him down? This doesn’t sound like the Dwayne I knew years ago… I know things change.. But WOW

  23. Be careful if you’retrying to track him down…this a*****e gave me a few things that when i confronted him he said it wasn’t him. Run as fast as you can…he has no remorse to what he does to anyone….even if he says he’s clean he’s not…

  24. I met Dwayne a few months ago, we are supposedly in a relationship. In the beginning we spent a lot of time together, that stopped because of a second job. Now I know the truth.. Sick!

  25. You b*****s are funny! You know he’s not in a relationship with you. Do you have nothing better to do than stalk this man??? He does not want you, let it be, LMAO!!!

  26. Hey SPEECHLESS…how can you think you’re in a relationship with him when you NEVER see him and NEVER talk to him on the phone? You’re either very dumb or lying. Hey RUN, you need to give that s**t up with him giving you diseases, we both know that is not true. I have been with him for years and have never caught anything. You need to stop blaming him because we all know your sorry a*s caught that s**t from someone else.

  27. Elena why are you getting so mad that women are posting things, isn’t that why you created this?! Oh yeah, you only did this so all the women would leave him l***o. Jokes on you because I’m still with him. He knows you have access to his cell phone, what do you think he did? Ding ding ding, you got it, he has another phone. I could give you that number but I’m not going to post here. I have texts, voicemails from that number.

  28. I met this guy on tinder (dating site) a couple of weeks ago. I figured I google him and I come across this site. I am wowed about everything I have read. I won’t be talking to him ever again…… Good luck ladies!

  29. He is sexy! All you ladies claiming to be with him, stop it because that’s not going to stop me from being with him.

  30. You wish. He’s with me. You wish he was yours. We’re in love. He’s never leaving me for you

  31. “The man is mine” you probably are in love with him but he’s not with you. You must be the crazy ex he told me about. The crazy b***h that did this profile to get back at him because he dumped you for me. Stop already and move on because I’m not going anywhere.

  32. Oh Dwayne Eric! He is something else,. I was with Dwayne many years ago and he cheated on me. We staid friends through out the years. He called me a couple of weeks ago wanting to meet and have drinks, I did. He begged me for another chance and I told me I had to think about it. I look him up and I come across this. He will always be a cheater.

  33. you really need to stop this. Enough of the childishness. We both know who you are that is doing this. I’m sorry that this has happened to you and he did this to you, but it needs to end. He is very happy without you in his life. You know he is in s committed relationship and is very happy. Unfortunately he did not chose you nor I. He chose her and we both know who that is. Focus on yourself.

  34. LITTLE GIRLS aka ELENA are you really in a committed relationship with him?!?! Come on, he cheated on you or you were the other woman who knows at this point but while he was with you he was with about 5 other women he called the cops on you, not once but twice and almost got you arrested but he loves you right lmao. You are so stupid so pathetic to think he’s being faithful to you. He’s only with you because you were the one with the lowest self-esteem that decided to put up with his lies and his swingers party life. You created this profile now you get mad every time someone posts something. That’s what will happen for the rest of your life, keep checking it every day so you can find out what he is up to. Lol ✌ one more thing, why don’t you post here from one of your so many usernames that you have how Dwayne used to f**k with your best friend of over 20 years and you went behind her back and f****d him. Dirty a*s b***h!

  35. Sorry to hear about all the things he did to you ladies. I can honestly say he’s a changed man. I’m with him and we’re getting married next month. He is a better person today.

  36. Wow! I just met him 3 weeks ago on POF he’s CREECH65 unbelievable. Thank G*d I never slept with him, with all those diseases he has.

  37. I don’t understand what’s all the craziness about. I’ve known this man for years and he has and always will be a player. He cheated on his wives, he had a son while married to his second wife. He was engaged a few months ago but still calling me to ask me out. Me and Dwayne have had a s*x relationship for years and that will never stop. If you want to stay with him,be ready to be cheated on!

    1. Hey there I agree with you. I don’t understand why these women keep going. I’ve been seeing him as well. It will never go any further with he and I because I know what type of man he is. But hey, the s*x is good and it’s someone familiar. When I call he comes running. These women need to grow up and understand that he and I will continue to see each other, go places and have s*x. We’ve been friends and lovers for years and I’m not about to stop because some insecure women want to play games.

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