Dr. Joshua Jacobi, Cheater

Dr.Joshua A Jacobi, lives in Mansfield Texas. He has been married for almost 3 years. Even though he has cheated on his wife the entire time they have been married. He meets women mostly through online dating sites. Shortly after dating he says he’s falling in love with you. It’s all a part of his act. Ladies please be careful. This man is a psychopath who feels absolutely no remorse for his actions. He lies and manipulates to get you to sleep with him. And if you allow him to, he will sleep with you without protection. He has given STDs to women and he uses the doctor card to make you trust him, but do not believe him. Please be careful, he likes to prey on innocent, smart, outgoing, fun, attractive, women of color. He has even written a book called My Chocolate Addiction. Supposedly based off of his love for black women. When in actuality this book of poems was created at the detriment of black women. Not love for them. Every poem in that book is a lie. This married man, going around having s*x with all of these black women. Then having the never to publish a book from his endeavors. How sick. This man is ill. Ladies please be careful. He frequents sites like afroromance., match., and chemistry.. But I’m sure he has moved on to a few more by now. He has also been featered on other cheater websites, but with his money appears to have them quickly removed so that he can continue with his filthy ways. This man is dangerous and his actions are escalating, Please watch your back, and if you can, get the word out!


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