Dr. Cristina Nelson, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

To be fair, I will offer the good and bad. As you can tell from the picture, she is attractive. Bimonthly botox and several liposuction surgeries pay off. She goes regularly to an expensive hair stylist. So for 57 years of age, her face looks good. From her weight in the picture, you can probably surmise she is both a great cook and loves to eat. What could possibly be wrong with this girl? She is also very intelligent and great to converse with. She has a PhD in history.

It’s the age old problem. She is a cheater and a liar. I met her when she was separated and getting divorced from her husband. It turned out that during the year we dated, she had multiple affairs. She always had an explanation but it didn’t totally ring true. I finally broke it off with her when I was absolutely certain she was cheating. I could never tell if she was cheating on me (and during her marriage before) because she was unhappy or she may have had a mental problem. I have no proof but I strongly suspect she was a manic depressive (aka bipolar). When a bipolar person is manic (or hypomanic), they will do all sorts of stupid things . Have grandiose thoughts of self (she was really full of herself), do reckless stuff (drove her car and had three mishaps – damage), bounced checks.

THe worst part is that she can’t see herself as others see her because she is a “trust fund baby.” She inherited an unknown amount of money. She works just four hours a week but lives a lifestyle that would require $300,000/year of income. You get the picture. So, she doesn’t function well in the “real world.” Rude to people in public, lies extensively, has no moral foundation. She cannot explain where the money comes from and I had to conclude that is was probably illegal activity.

On paper or if you pass on the street, you’d think this is a good one (despite the obesity). However, beneath the surface is a very sick and harmful woman. I wanted to upload a photo but I don’t own the rights to the photo. If you want to see her picture, just email me and I will send a link to a site where her photo is posted. It’s a gym in JP where she is working out. She is at the lower left corner in red when pictures keep changing.


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