Douglas Bischoff, Miami, Florida

Met this guy on tinder. He told me horrors about his “ex wife”. I totally believed everything he said. This b*****d is a sociopath, his whole demeanor told me that he was really telling me the truth. I am talking tears, sobbing, and very convincing. So we dated and over time I noticed that this guy drove a nice car (Mercedes G350) and seemed well fed (fat a*s), smoked like a I’ve never seen any other human, and yet, he was never at work. Every time we went out there was a story of him waiting for divorce papers, finalizing court proceedings and the likes. His assets were “frozen” and the BS was relentless. I looked him up on Google and what I found was a maze of clues that left me cold: This guy is very married. He stays with his mother, is unemployed and had hundreds of entries of p**n related material all over the web. Paid for a background check and he is up his a*s in debt. Has tons of emails that he uses to search for p**n. “ is one of the emails he goes by. And his name Wilson pop up if you just type his email on the google bar. This boy is certifiably disturbed. Anyways I contacted the person that was listed as his wife and she confirmed that they are still married and that she knows of his tinder tricks. I guess that’s why she kicked his a*s to the curb. Then she gave me a list of numbers and names of all the girls in Miami that are currently in a relationship with him. And sent me a screenshot of him admitting that they are still married. Why she hasn’t divorced that dog is beyond me. Anyways I called all number she gave me and he was cheating on all of us. So beware this guy is a weasel pretending to be some spiritual guru. He will take your money and screw you in more ways than you can imagine.


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  1. He is f*****g a Cuban w***e by the name of Barbara “Bobbi” Andres. She is also quasi famous. She is listed on A match made in h**l. I guess this Cuban bar s***k just doesn’t learn or she is incredibly stupid. Or she is only into married man. The sad thing is, this woman has small kids.

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