Dewey Hill, Aberdeen, Maryland

I was in a relationship with Dewey Hill, and we use to have s*x in the back seat of my car, because he would always tell me he had room mates, and he couldn’t take me to his place, because they had a rule No one is allowed. I fell hard for him. He is a military guy, I thought we would be together forever. I don’t want to reveal my information, because Not only do I have now but now my heart is crushed. How could someone do this to someone? Anyway, this guy, had a girlfriend at home, and that was the reason. He was cheating on me the whole time. Then when I confronted him, he told me I was a his only b***h, and punched me in my face. He shouldn’t be allowed to be in the armed forces, or much less walk the face of this earth. Disgusting no good piece of s**t bag that he is.



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