Devon S Rudloff

Beware of this psychotic woman. Devon holds an officers position in a large utility company. Don’t let her position fool you. She is capable of the worst kind of behavior imaginable including perjury. After being married to Devon I learned that she had accused a former husband of abuse and tried to have domestic violence injection issued against him. The charges against him were dismissed. This marriage lasted less than a year. Devon told me that she had dated hundreds of men in last few years and anytime conflict or opposition accused she would just split. After being married to her for a few short months I realized that she was literally nuts and and had severe control issues and family issues. She wanted to tell me how to eat, what to ware, how to drive, how and where to park. Her OCD was also out of control. She literally had to have most things in her life exactly the same everyday: her hair and makeup, they NEVER changed, her food, and where everything was in the house. Nothing could ever be moved. She would literally freak out if somethings changed. I realized early on that I had made a huge mistake marrying her and began to seek a way to get out. When Devon learned of the plan she swore under oath that I had been abusing her and my children and that I had threatened to kill her. In the middle of the night when Devon was out of town on business I was served a temporary injunction for domestic violence and removed from my home having to leave my 3 dogs there by themselves. Devon worked out of town all week every week. When the temporary injunction was lifted after a court hearing proving my innocence her father lied to police and on a police report and stated that I shoved him, constituting battery of an elderly, a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. I was arrested. Later all charges were dropped. Devon plays the victim and just cries and withdraws as her sister and her father take over her personal life. Beware of this crazy woman and her crazy family.


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  1. Know that all of the above BS is from a three time loser that is bitter because he lost his meal ticket. Being a third party to this “marriage” and part of the “crazy family”, I had the opportunity to watch this tragedy unfold. The author, whose name is Greg Morrmann, is a fifty plus year old leech who can’t seem to hold a steady job, is one who constantly relies on his Mother to bail him out and was the one who was the true “control freak” in the relationship. I found it funny that while you had no job, it was you who had to act like they were paying the bill. In all my life I have never meet someone that is, or was, as big of a fraud and as big of a manipulator of the truth as you. You say Devon tried to tell you how to eat, but I remember the complete opposite as you were the one who believed you were a “body builder” and were the one who constantly critiqued what was being eaten. As far as the dogs, you’re wrong again. There were only two dogs and you could have come and picked them up anytime, but you never seemed to have any concern in doing so. I remember the time Devon found your marijuana stash and she handled it by just dumping it, listening to your pathetic crying for forgiveness and her forgiving you for it. Concerning your version of your arrest, you fail to mention that it was you who went up to a 70 year old man and told him you’d beat his a*s if he stood up. Well, that old man stood up and it was you who chest bumped him to show him how manly you where. When the police arrived and you where arrested, you were the one who lied saying you were also battered. I close in saying that you are a pathetic excuse for a man and that anyone that has any dealings with you needs to know that you are just a “wolf in sheeps clothing”!

  2. A FALSE CHRISTIAN if I have ever seen one. If you have any desire to look into this matter look at the public records at the Lynn Haven Police Dept. FL, The Panama City Police Dept, FL or the Bay County, FL court records. Just look up Gregory Moormann and see for yourself. Be prepared, the file is quite thick.

  3. The above comments from Ed is really the sister of the lying freak, Degon Rusloff. Her name is Mandi Chesser and has already been warned by police that if she continues to harass me that she will be charged with stalking. This is one crazy family. There were 3 dogs. One was Devon’s. As for her comments about me picking them up… If I came to my residence while an injection was in place I would have been arrested. The family tried hard to get me to show up in violation of the injection that was dismissed. They threatened to take my dogs to the pound and drop them off. Thisnisnafter I cared for Devon’s elderly dog for over two years.
    And as for me being a bodybuilder, I am. I am a professional in two different amateur organizations. Mandi is just jealous because she is a fat slob, being at least 50 pounds overweight.
    As for me not having a job. I have been selling real estate in Bay Co for over 10 years and live quite nicely. Please beware of Devon Rudloff and her crazy sister Mandi Chesser. They have went to great lengths to disrupt my life even after 2 years of divorced from Devon. Mandi has went as far as creating a fake FB profile, Casey Phillips, and contacted my gf and her family. I hope she continues because she will be prosecuted for stalking.

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