Desiree Newcomb McMahon Badgerow, Chesterton, Indiana

This thing has left a trail of destruction as you can see from all the last names. Her current “unhappy” victim is Dean Lombardini who has a wonderful wife and 3 children. For the record, Becky, his wife, worked for 20 yrs and raised those kids with tremendous support from her parents which has put Dean in a very nice position to leave. Becky also helped Dean get a job at Symphony where the damsel in distress beckoned him with her sad stories and their inappropriate relationship caused his wife to lose her job. This is Desiree’s hmmmmm ninth scoop since the last one wasn’t panning out, an old boyfriend who was married and she contacted through facebook when her third marriage went in the crapper. Oh, and how nice… she gave up her son so she could be free to have FUN now that she’s done her time. Wow, when you get married it is a covenant that you choose to love, you get blessings from which you glean happiness, and you stay through good and bad. Mellow rock star, hip chick, charmed, well side h@#, HOMEWRECKER, heathen is more like it. She has a low access number, very private, and a 3 rating on My life with lots of sketchy incidents in her background from the close to 20 places she’s lived, wonder why? The Lombardinis are like any 21st century family, but they didn’t deserve this, especially the kids because it does affect them! Married families are the core of a healthy society. Shes an LPN that parades around like shes a high level nurse thats doing something to these vulnerable guys with all her sappy “woe is me” s**t. Stay away. Or take the high road, really these creeps need to be called out. Praying for everyone affected by adultery. G*d help us. You married the woman you love, now love the woman you married!


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