Denis Trinnel, New York

Denis Trinnel lives at 244 Greencroft Ave, Staten Island New York 10308-3247, cell: 347-534-8765, home: 347-831-7533. He is a liar, addict, and, a cheater. He cheated on me, his gf, and his wife and lied about all of it. He never works, he leaches off everyone. His wife paid his bills when he was a med student, then hooked up with a doctor to get a residency job. He used me for my money, and a place to stay. He’s always blazed and looking for a hand out. If he can take anything from you he will, its the only reason he sticks around. He acted depressed to get in my bed and lied about having s*x with someone else the day before. He used my money to pay for everything and then ghosted me for another hoe a minute later. He hid video cameras and recorded himself having s*x with his exes, hookers/trannies. Its super s****y he’s such a liar especially bc he wont wear a rubber :-/. He cries for sympathy. He is evil and does not feel sorry for anything he does. He should go to jail but he is a doctor. Women need to have each other’s backs instead of fighting over poser’s like this douch. this “guy” is a textbook narcissist, youll be lucky if all you lose is money when he’s done with you.


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