Demond Love

Demond Love is a lying cheating womanizing scum bag. He has taken money from people from coast to coast. He has fathered several children and is running from his responsibilities. He is not to be trusted he will leave you in a situation. He owes people for renting apartments and skipping out to borrowing and never paying back. He’s on the west coast now so ladies be we of this lying as dog. He sleeps with anything that has a hole.


2 thoughts on “Demond Love

  1. This man is a dead-beat! The big d**k ain’t worth the headache. Trust me ladies, if you see this loser’s picture on any dating sites or social media, report him to authorities for lack of child support AND BEWARE AND GET TESTED FOR HIV!!

  2. This b*****d is a serial breeder and seeks his victim online dating sites. He has over 20 children and counting..He owes hundreds and thousands in child support. He is a manipulator and cannot be trusted. If you encounter this fool, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! LITERALLY! You will not be the same if you get smitten by his smile. He is a real demon in flesh form. DO NOT SLEEP WITH THIS MAN!

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