Delisa Showalter, Clearwater, Florida

Lurking in the Dillons warehouse in Goddard ks is a poor excuse for a woman named Delisa Schowalter. This w***e is the definition of predator! She has a reputation, that her and her equally disgusting husband, like to pretend are just hearsay and rumors. These “rumors” are of her multiple affairs with multiple men working at the warehouse. My husband has always disliked this w***e and agreed that she is a worthless scumbag. Unfortunately we recently suffered a huge loss in our family, my husband literally had a mental breakdown and slipped into a state of psychosis. This w***e, knowing about the loss, used it to claw her way into his brain to make him think she was an Innocent sweet abused woman. She told him tales of her husband and how he was emotionally abusive and that their swinger lifestyle was his idea and had been forced upon her against her will. She continued to prey on his emotional state and eventually started to proposition him to have s*x with her. Sadly he gave into he, she was able to make him think that our marriage had not been amazing. He screwed up big time, he is aware of it and he is sick about it but we can’t go back only forward. I forgive him, I love him more then words, not just for me but all of our kids as well… That being said, I DO NOT forgive her! He was not mentally stable, she was… Although I would actually argue that as well, due to BSC, a condition she has better known as batshit crazy! I will spare all of the details because I love my husband, this post is to warn other women that this predator is lurking, watching and waiting for the next unsuspecting victims who attempts to be friendly to her. She is very predictable always blaming others for any and everything. I had the AMAZING opportunity to catch her face to face and scream at her in person; she has no remorse, not that I’m surprised, a person would have to have a soul and a conscious to have any remorse! After my face to face confrontation her “abusive” husband called me to be sure I knew he knew… Not sure what exactly his goal was with that, I think he is just upset that I have bigger b***s then him! This is the same man that when I contacted him in regards to this issue he flat out agreed that he didn’t know how someone would choose his wife over me that I’m a 10 or more compared to her and flat out told me he had always “wanted” me… I have no doubt that the two of them were in cahoots in an attempt to bag us both. This w***e will not be the demise of my marriage, I love my husband inspite of himself he has always (prior to this) been an honest man and he is again now. People need to be aware of Delisa, she is the devil incarnate she is literally Satan walking the earth! She is conniving and evil! A terrible excuse for a woman, she definitely has daddy issues! Women of the men working at the Goddard Dillons warehouse beware of this w***e! She has no restraint, no moral, no concern for you and or your children, no matter the number of children you have. I’ve told her face to face what to expect from me, it’s time people hold her accountable for her behavior. Its time men realize that women lie and can be predators too. This w***e has told her “abusive” husband that my husband perused her, that it was his idea to become physical that it was his idea on location and where they had s*x… My husband is a shy man who would not ever engage a woman in that way. She perused him Scott Showalter, everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie! My favorite part of this is that due to his mental state my husband remembers very little about any of this! When I walked up to this w***e face to face and screamed at her that “he doesn’t even remember you, you aren’t even memorable!” The look on her face was priceless, like a freaking Hallmark card! It obviously hit a nerve because her husband mentioned that part when he called me afterwards!??? My husband and I will not be broken by this, if anything we will be better and stronger because we know what we stand to lose! This w***e will continue her whoring so woman and men alike beware stand clear! She is just looking for her next project! Just look at her face, she’s 45!! She’s freaking old as b***s, definitely been rode hard and put away wet!


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