Debi Murphy, Pekin, Illinois

Ok guys watch out for this lying manipulative gold digging woman. She will worm her way into your life with her endless lies and manipulation. If you try and break things off with this woman she will seek revenge in every way possible. She will smear your name over the internet and will contact everyone you know and spread false lies about you while at the same time she sleeps around with whom ever. She is like a bad penny. She doesnt know how to move on or take rejection. Any guys that have the unfortunate luck to run across this woman they should run in the opposite direction as fast as they can.



3 thoughts on “Debi Murphy, Pekin, Illinois

  1. This post was published by Leo Davis of South Pekin, IL in retaliation for the post he thinks I put up about him. Whoever did write it has his number though. I can vouch for the accuracy of that report the same as can any woman who’s ever been involved with him. I’m not concerned because anyone who knows me knows this is not me. Leo Davis cannot say the same thing because he’s a proven liar and cheater.

    1. I can vouch that everything he posted about you is true. Every since I started dating him you have done nothing but to go out of your way to continuously harass and stalk me with your lies. I dont know what your trying to achive but you need to stop being a petty and vindictive person all because he decided he didnt want to see you anymore. I can vouch that he is nothing like you describe which proves your nothing but a liar also. So grow up and move on because it doesnt matter what you think so you can stop your high school games. It also seems very funny that you say u didnt put a post about him on here but yet here you are on this site. another lie…..

  2. I’d like to apologize for this post, it was written out of anger. The things written in the above post should not be taken as anything but c**p written to get back at her. Once again I apologize for the hateful and hurtful things posted.

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