Deatra Powell, Houston, Texas

This story is pretty intense. Started years ago as a 16 year old boy falling in Love with a woman. Unfortunately went through some life difficulties then found out she was not who I thought. This girl became the freak of a man dreams, horrible person. While we were in a relationship she became pregnant and mw having hopes she became more worse. After time went by I would catch men.leaving out of her house daily. Old men, she love old man piece. She was a woman who had great s*x but her sexual cravings would not allow her to keep a man. Faithfulness was very far constantly cheating and expected men and myself to continue swimming in her jezebel mentality. She love gospel music, she slept with other men as long as they played a guitar. When they play she gap them legs. Had 9 kids some she was incompetent to keep them all. After being confronted she wanted to play the victim aa if she been so hurt. Lies! This girl is Never as hurt as she claims, not if she is as whorish as she acts. Dede is a hard one ahe needs help. I worn all men to stay away. She is the type to fool you as innocent then sleep with every-man you know. Be careful.


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