Deanna Mannix

Deanna Mannix owner of Money Catch

Deanna Mannix is a skanky mental case. This she dog spends her days scamming people using an unclaimed money and inheritance scam she calls money catch, she’s set it all up to look like real bricks and mortar business, its evil how she operates. She is obsessed with scamming people, stalks victims and is a cyber bully too. Deanna Mannix is mentally unstable and a friend told me that she bashes her husband, I believe it cause he is the gutless man. She sends him off for months at a time to earn money for her without any thought for him, she is abusive to him. He has no say, the fact is he knows full well she screws around with anything that walks in greater Lismore region, but he is helpless.

She seems nice, so you couldn’t see it coming in a million years but she trash with capital T, she spends days stalking, and prepping her victims whether to rip them financially through her scams or mess mentally by giving them a terrible disease, she gets off on messing other people’s lives, if she can rip you off and give you an STD, then she is in her element. She gave Gonorrhea to my husband, who she met through church years ago.

I was so hurt but had 3 kids and another on the way, so I shut my mouth and just let it go. Its what she does, no one can stop her, not her pathetic husband, not the fact that she herself has kids or that her dumb a*s victims like my husband have responsibility. If you read this and you know her good tell her to behave herself and leave people alone, Deanna Mannix is a diseased sociopath.


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