Dean Hunter North Carolina / O/O OTR Trucker

This man is nothing but a lair. He gets on all kinds of BDSM websites, BON, and dating sites to find Submissive females. He gets them to date him and to trust him. Later you will find out that he is married and has no less then 4 or 5 actual girlfriends at a time all over the United States. You will also find out he is domming others online and exchanging pictures on KIK. This man is sick and twisted. He is a horrible person who will cheat on you and lies about everything. When you find out about the wife he will tell you that they are not together, yet when he is at home you are not allowed to call or text him. You will also not hear a word from him. If you start asking questions he tries to bully you! Be ware he is a complete fake. I hope his girlfriend from IL finds this because that who he is telling all this same s**t to now. I am sure he is telling her she is his baby girl and he loves her. She is in for a shock of her life!


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