Dayna Wells, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Dayna Wells is indeed a racist woman from Salt Lake City in the state of Utah who has been against being with African-American males or African-American men in a serious relationship because of the fact that she has determined that these males who are African-American are beneath her and are below her because of their race and skin color or skin pigment composition. We call that having hatred to the highest degree.

This is racism, prejudice, and high class evil and therefore must be exposed for what it is. People should not be treated as less than human beings because of the skin color that they have and that they indeed possess. It cheats them out of the equality that they deserve to have with all of their fellow human beings.

In such a case the individual in question, Dayna Wells must be condemned for their actions and their racist behavior and their racist, skin color, and discriminatory ways and such is indeed the case with Dayna Wells as a whole who is greatly, significantly, substantially, extremely, harshly, and seriously condemned to the highest and to the utmost for being the evil bigot that she indeed is.


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