Dawana Knight, Boston, Massachusetts

Sad to say family and all we was cool until I realized the hoe she is, she’s a dead beat mother just like my dead beat a*s baby daddy that I believe she tried to f**k if she didn’t already. Both of them can rot in h**l. The b***h got a 5 year old son that she let dss take custody of when he was a toddler and is letting someone else raise him she only gets him on weekends. Only to go have another child I believe to get the girlfriend mad because she had a child but she don’t even take care of either kid. She’s still out f****n all these n****s drinking and smoking and not giving a f**k about her kids she just puts on a front for social media. She’s a b*m who basically used her kid to go into Shelter and get a place to live. She constantly has her kids around different n****s and she swear she’s a bad b***h but she’s just a dummy who’s always getting played. Maybe if she didn’t f**k my kids father I would of never told her business but o well life goes on the truth gotta come out eventually


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