David Moyer, Fenton, Missouri

David Moyer is the son of a pastor. He and his now ex-wife were family friends of ours. He divorced her in 2010 and started becoming close friends with my wife. I trusted him because of his involvement in the church activities and his outward display of piety. He worshiped with our family and we even attended Bible studies together for a short while. In April 2014, I saw a text to wife, K**a, where he referred her as Evidently, he had been trying to get my wife to leave me for two years. I exposed the relationship to my wife’s parents. They had provided him with cheap rent at their condo while they were out of town for the summer. They too are have been betrayed for this hypocritical backstabber and now have nothing but contempt for him. They referred to him as bag in conversations. Leadership of our church have confronted him in the manner prescribe by Matthew 18:15-17. I am not privy to the details, but have not seen him at the church in a while.


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