David Christopher Balderas Silva – Mexico City

My friend committed suicide because of this puto David Christopher Balderas Silva! She met this b*****d online on 2013. They communicated everyday and grew close, eventually became confidante. That b*****d promised so many things to my friend, assured her that he will accept her, and as naive she was, she held-on to his words. I’m doubting his intentions, but I didn’t stop my friend. I can see that she was slowly opening up outside her comfort, which was good for her. Until 2017, that f*****g puto started treating my friend like s**t! He told her “f**k off”, “no one loves you”, “no one has the patience to be with you. He kept telling hurtful words even though he knew my friend is suffering from depression. My friend, feeling mortified, remained quiet. She silently suffered so much emotional and psychological pain, that she lost her remaining self-esteem and killed herself. I found out about this when I was able to read her journal. I confronted this puto numerous times, but he never said sorry and felt any guilt. He blocked all of my messages, deleted his facebook, changed mobile phone/email.

I later learned from his buddies that he instead blames my dead friend, tells them she was crazy and delusional! Also, I found out that the reason he disposed my friend, was that he met a new girl. This girl Maria Fernanda Feria-Lince of UNAM will be soon engaged to him.

I only knew that b*****d is teaching at ITESM CCM and working on his PhD. He lives at Cerrada del Convento 42 col. Santa Ursula Xitla 14420 Distrito Federal. If ever someone got the chance to encounter this puto, please roundhouse kick him very hard, on his f*****g b***s! Not only he inflicted so much pain to my friend, but also to those left behind by her. It will be her first death anniversary this July. The wound is too deep.

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