David Cardinale, Paradise, Montana

This is a typical mid life crisis he cheats on his wife leaves his family and has another baby and now is a dead beat to my 2 kids plus the child he had during the affair. He works as a chef usually at resorts and once he gets a job and the support is enforced he quits. He is with another woman named Jessica Martin who has 4 or 5 kids and he supports them while she does nothing. He has lived in OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, ID. My two kids are in intense therapy and my daughter has health issues. He quit a good paying job so child support would not be much and then can’t even pay that amount. He has not seen or spoken to his kids for a year and half. We saw him around for a few months but before that it was 3 years so this guy has not supported his kids and the woman who he had an affair lost her child in the foster care and he still did nothing and let that poor child live in the foster care program. He only thinks about what he wants and puts his needs first. He seems to think he can divorce his kids. He gets help from his family to hide him and they are no better then him. Please just realize that I’m only doing this so my kids can be supported.


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