WORST cheater ever. This guy is a serial cheater. true mental case. He has been married a few times. Lots of different baby mamas…..Complete trailer trash to start with. He cheats on his fiance with an old girlfriend right before hes about to get married!!!!! He gets caught when the fiance finds her text message…he lies of course and blames the old girlfriend saying shes mental blah blah blah…….and the fiance still marries him anyway.

He gets married and continues to cheat with someone new he suckers in with a new sob story only a few weeks after the wedding. Drags her down and eventually gets caught, dead too rights, more than once….lies again, and again, and again. But poor pathetic wife believes his lies. More than once he leaves the wife to live with his mommy for a while. More time to cheat. Buys a burner phone so he can still cheat. Gets friends and co-workers involved in his underhanded games. Months later goes back to cheat some more, lies more, and gets caught again!! Eventually gets his wife pregnant, while at the same time still cheating! Wife has no clue, again. Sad state of affairs. Now he is on to someone new…… Leopards dont change their spots, just their location.


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