Dave Alfred, Key West, Florida

While dating Dave for almost 7 years he had me 100% fooled about who he was and our relationship. I thought we shared a special bond with each other and no one else would come between us. It turns out that NO ONE really ever knew that I was his girlfriend. He told his friends that we had an “open door” relationship and that I knew he was dating other girls. I never understood why his friends and roommates always acted strange around me until we were broken up and one of his friends finally tell me the truth. He lied about several girls and acted like they were just friends and all the late night phone calls from these girls were just them needing advise from him. They had no idea he was at his girlfriend’s house or that he even had a girlfriend. While we were dating he spent months chasing anther girl (who had a boyfriend at the time) and told her he had been single for a long time….even though I had just spent his 30th birthday with him as his girlfriend! I really loved him and I guess it was my fault for always hoping he was telling me the truth. He bailed on me during several really important times when I really needed his support because he had “band practice” and refused to cancel. He took other girls home to meet his parents while we were dating and his parents thought he was dating them and not me. His mom called me by the wrong girl’s name several times because she thought we were just friends. Dave now lives in Key West, Florida and is dating a new girl he is all in love with….or so that poor girl believes. LINDA FOX….get out while you can. You new wonderful boyfriend cheated not only on me but on the giirlfriend (Jessica Harrison) that he dated after me. He was arrested 3 times while in college for drugs and he even has a secret password protected file on his computer that has naked pictures of other women. Dave I know that in a million years you will never do the right thing and say you’re sorry but MAYBE one day you will get a taste of your own medicine for all that you did.

Dave Alfred
Key West, Florida


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