Dave Alan Williams, California

When I met Dave Williams he said he was divorced, I had no reason to doubt him. During the years we dated he was attentive, generous and there was the understanding we were in a committed relationship, marriage had been discussed. I have found out he is married and has been for 27 years, never separated. He travels for business a lot, that was how he was able to live at least 2 lives, his wife and children live in Co. I have also discovered there are many more women he has been “dating” then and now. He has been on several dating sites such as Friend Finder, Match, Millionaire Match, Yahoo, My Space, etc. It was devastating to find all this out, he had my family, friends and even my children fooled right along with me. His wife has been informed and this is not the first time she has found out, but she allows him back, as he spins tales of him being the victim of crazy women, etc. This man is convincing, a continuous liar and calculating, he is friendly, appears compassionate and caring, very good at deflecting blame. I am posting this as a decent woman who wished someone before me had posted something about him to warn me, I hope this can help someone else who may have met him.


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