Darren Jones, Brisbane Australia

beware this man is a serial on-line predator, he lies about his occupation, whereabouts and past, he has unprotected s*x and has passed on std’s, he seduces women via internet dating sites and tells elaborate untrue stories about his life, he can not be trusted or believed and please avoid intimacy with him for your own personal health and well being he is not clean, he will say amazing things making out he wants to marry and have a future with you, he tries this on with many other women and also sleeps with multiple women while saying he is faithful…STAY AWAY at all cost he is crazy, mentally unstable and dangerous to your health if intimate with him, goes by the tag ichaeri he is 47 yrs old and is black, african american descent, he says he grew up in New York and now lives in Brisbane Australia, he has no job and not sure of his correct address or living situation, he doesn’t reveal that he is very slippery indeed


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