Daniel William Ford, Portage, Indiana

Cheating coke freak and drunk. This wonderful gentleman is seen here after his 2nd DUI arrest. Daniel William Ford of Portage, Indiana has again crushed the heart of his two children (two others he will not claim) and his now ex-wife. This piece of excrement shovels cocaine in his face like Colombia will run out. He has a severe alcohol problem along with his drug addiction. This t**d has womanized with many a bar w***e while married. Daniel Ford also was brazen enough to bring bar s***s home in an attempt to start 3 way s*x while his children slept in the next room. Daniel William Ford would demand money (rent, groceries, etc) so he could drink and play in dart tournaments. This b*m couldn’t hold a job due to his addictions so he spent his then wife’s hard earned money on his pleasures. If there is any doubt to these claims, please see his DUI mugshot attached to this. This p***k will use and abuse any woman as long as he can use her for her finances as well as her body. His DOB is 04/08/1973. He has a two year old mentality and is a 42 year old fat body. He will never take accountability for any of his actions and will blame anyone ignorant enough to let them in their life.


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