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Great bullshitter but the truth will catch up to him. At the end of the day, you will never meet a more despicable or vile human being. He cons women emotionally and financially . All he wants is to f**k you, use you, and abuse you. He is the male Oprah of s*x ” You get my dirty d**k and you get my dirty d**k. My dirty d**k for everyone!’ He cheats on all the females he dates yet pretends to be a morally upstanding individual who believes cheating is horrible and unacceptable. The best part is the females who he will tell his new girlfriend are just his friends are actually other women he hooks up with. You might even hear the line “My father is a pastor.” or “I’m the son of a pastor.” as if that is a declaration of his moral code but don’t let these empty words fool you because even that is a joke. He is the type of boy who stays with women while it’s (only) beneficial to him but when the other person is going through a rough time he will bolt on you because it isn’t convenient for him. You cant even consider him a man because he hides behind his cell phone. He will ignore you until he feels like throwing you a bone. The only person that deserves a bone is him because he acts like a dog. He avoids people because of the damage he has caused them and runs away from situations. His “friends” or one might better describe them as minions feed him information so he can keep running his mouth and away from all the devastation he has caused. Truly a coward that lives on the basis of narcissism and self interest. There is a number of women he has truly hurt. he owes them money and explanations. Daniel Malave has no skills or degrees other than psychopathy with a specialization in pathological lying. He claims to be many things including an automotive technician (Porter & Chester Institute) but going to school for something and actually knowing how to do a trade are not one in the same. He has been fired from jobs for causing actual physical harm to workers and losing employers money. One of his coworkers had to go to the hospital and get stitches on his face. He doesn’t not face any of the consequences of his actions like the people he causes pain to have to. Do not believe anything he says, employers don’t hire a liability to your company and your staff and for your vaginas safety do not touch him with a 20 foot pole. IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THESE STATEMENTS CONTACT ANY OF HIS EXES (THOSE WHO HE PUBLICLY INTRODUCED AS HIS GFS).


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  1. YES!!!! high fiving you girl! After to speaking to several people it’s been confirmed he’s done this to EVERY woman he dates! Truly a narcissistic, delusional, mentally INSANE, pathological liar!! Where do I begin, let’s see. Lied to me several times, from the very beginning of our relationship, and girl you couldn’t be more on point with this: hides behind a cell phone, and avoids all the damage that has been done to someone by running away like a coward or ignoring them like a child. He’s a typical narcissist – he hurts someone then gets mad because you stand up for yourself because you don’t deserve such treatment, and BAM, suddenly “ITS YOUR FAULT” “YOU Started s**t” “I don’t want to deal with your s**t”. He doesn’t / never has apologized for anything he’s ever done wrong, EVER, because he thinks he’s this perfect angel that’s gods gift to the world who makes zero mistakes. Things were so great in the beginning, yet he had no problem lying to me the first week of our relationship because he was talking to another girl who happened to be his ex, and he lied about who she was to him. Keep in mind this was the first week of our relationship!! And then he blamed me saying i was insecure and had trust issues – yeah i wonder why a*****e!!! lmao. Lied to me several times after that, deleted text messages from all these girls, and then towards the end of our relationship I saw that he sent himself naked pictures of all his ex girlfriends to himself in an email while he was with me. So any one of his victims out there – beware – if you sent him nudies, he’s KEPT your nudies!! Including the girl who posted above! Yea when i found out about this lovely truthful post about him, later on I found pictures of her too and he said if she ever posted anything again he’d post the ones of her in a swimsuit as blackmail. Seriously – I do NOT blame this girl for posting this stuff about him. It’s ALL TRUE. He didn’t want anyone to find out about it either hence why he’s tried to have it taken down! All ya gotta do is google his name and it’s right there! I believe he asked his lawyer about it too and he said there was nothing he can do! Seriously this man is EVIL. He’s sueing an innocent teen girl for an accident and claims he’s soooo injured yet goes to the gym every day and does landscaping as a job, and is walking around just fine! when I dumped him he voluntarily left my home that he is legally responsible to pay for and to be honest I’m not sure if he’s going to be paying because he never responds to my texts about it! I mean this girl pretty much covered it, owes people money and explanations, He’s got no degrees or skills – he f’d up my car by putting the wrong size tires on it, there’s wires hanging from my car from his own work that he never fixed. He’s a complete moron! And a moron who thinks he can fool me for too long – he made a Facebook and broadcasted that he was SINGLE, ****PRIOR TO OUR BREAKUP****, and used that Facebook to add/talk to other girls. So he went out with his friend, created it, then a night or two later did something he never did since living with me – he “slept at his parents house”. (If he occasionally or often slept at his parents house i wouldn’t care. But this was completely out of the blue!) F*cking LIAR! While he was “there” he talked to another girl who’s his close “friend” that has a boyfriend (WHO HE HAS HALF NAKED PICS OF), deleted those texts (he admitted that he deleted them) but from what I’ve heard he was talking to some s**t at the bar the night he was out with his friend and ending up meeting up with her and cheated on me with her the night he was at “his parents house”. Because of him, I have to get checked for STDs because of this dirty, vile, disgustingly poor excuse of a human being. Not to mention he’s fake as h**l – he talked so much c**p about my former roommate who I’ve known since middle school but was NEVER CLOSE WITH for numerous reasons, and he was saying how much of a child he was, how he’s messy and disgusting, saying he’s gay and hasn’t come out yet, how annoying he is… now they’re friends on Facebook. Two faced much?! Ok “Taddy Mason”. It’s like he’s got names for each one of his personalities. This one is apparently on instagram! Next thing – when i found those emails, i noticed the source of where they came from and by talking to a friend i found out what exactly it is – LISTEN UP LADIES! These douchebags, much like my ex who i crown the king of em, download this app called calculator, but it’s really a photo vault where you store pictures and apps in. Hence why i didn’t see the Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram App on his phone – it’s stored there. He’s told me he’s kept those naked pictures of his ex for “years”. While that makes sense – if you’re in a relationship, why keep them? Why are you sending those photos to yourself if you’re being sexually satisfied (according to him he was lol) every day? I asked him to delete them and he refused. Then went along and told me i have insecurity issues. So sending yourself naked photos of all your exes and hookups feeds your ego, but destroys my self confidence and self esteem, and that’s ok? Smfh. Oh wait wait it gets better!!!! There’s photos of him with scratches on his back that he took of himself – L***O REALLY? And of course he has to flex his muscles because instead of growing as a person and realizing it’s not ok to damage someone as bad as you did, he’d rather grow his muscles. Dude does NOT have a brain. And he accused me of hacking into his computer!! Bro… your s**t was OPEN, and i went in there to grab ur resume off ur sent box in the email so i can look at it and see ur skills / what you look for in a career to help you get out of the job you hate so bad, that’s when i found everything! Not to mention he has had so many jobs, and has been fired from all of them!!! Smh. Like is said when you’re Daniel Malave – you have an excuse for everything you do, and whatever it is, justifies each one of your s****y actions! See I’m a woman who stands up for myself, contrary to him calling me a “doormat”, I didn’t let this man get away with treating me like s**t, so the fights got bad and he wanted to leave, but I of course stupidly fought for the relationship because i 1) didn’t want to be just another one of his six month bogus relationships. 2) there was some good times, and i held onto that, and i wanted to create more with him and try to save the relationship, cuz i mean G*D FORBID I HAD FAITH IN SAVING IT. Suuuch a crime to do so right?! Smfh. See this is what he’s saying – “I wouldn’t let him leave”. Yet when i told him that he has two arms and two legs and could have grabbed his s**t and left if we wanted to sooooo bad, he told me “ur right. I could have.” on the day he picked up the last of his stuff. But he STILL is going around saying that i wouldn’t let him leave! Dumbass, I gave you 700 reasons as to why you shouldn’t all those times and apparently it convinced you enough to stay cuz if they WEREN’T valid, your stupid a*s would have left! I swear i did SO MUCH for this man. And while *I* am not the perfect little angel myself and yes, have flaws too, i never, EVER, deleted texts, lied, cheated, f****d someone’s car up, kept naked pics of my exes, used secret apps to store those pics and apps, or created social media accounts and broadcasted that i was single when I wasn’t. Hey Danny! Keep telling everyone that I’m a psycho, I’m this and I’m that, but completely leave out the fact that you’re a massive c**t and you did ALL those things to me. Maybe, just MAYBE, i wouldn’t have been so upset with you and called u out on ur s**t if you didn’t do those things pal 😉

    If you do not believe any of these statements contact any of his exes (those who he publicly introduced as his girlfriends) and LASTLY, LADIES FOR YOUR VAGINAS SAFETY DO NOT TOUCH HIM WITH A 20 FOOT POLE!!!!!!

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