Daniel Gonzalez, New York, New York

He has a girlfriend but he is constantly calling all of her friends behind her back. He is the type of guy that thinks every girl wants him. If you try to be nice to him because he is your friends boyfriend he takes it the wrong way and starts making eyes at you its gross. He is such a dork but he thinks he is hot sh*t. He has this creepy move that he does when he talks to his girlfriends friends. Whatever you are talking to him about he twist what you are saying into somehow saying he can help you with whatever you need because he has a family memeber that does that and then pulls out his phone and asks you for your number. Loser guys try to pull their phones out like that and think just because they are ready to type in your number they are about to get it. Just because he is your friends boyfriend and you dont want to be rude you give it to him but then he starts texting and calling and odd times and with odd requests. He sends out invites to his friends parties and sends holiday greetings like we are family or something. He is a total jerk and thinks he is so slick and everyone feels bad for his girlfriend since she is clearly under his sleezy spell


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