Daniel Aaron Driftmyer, Port Clinton, Ohio

We were together. We lived together. He cheated. I caught him. I kicked him out. He never let me go. He tried working it out. While he was trying to work it out with me, telling me he loved me, he got into a new relationship and got serious with her. He called me one night and said he couldnt be with me anymore, out of NOWHERE, we had plans the following day. She found my texts in his phone. She said, choose, me or her. He chose her at the time. As soon as he left her house, he was calling me telling me he chooses me instead. He admitted to us both that he cheated, and then continuously tried getting back with us both, telling both of us he wasnt talking to the other one. Not to mention, the night he got caught cheating, he slept with one of his THREE baby mamas. He loves cheating and he hates condoms. Beware of Daniel Aaron Driftmyer


3 thoughts on “Daniel Aaron Driftmyer, Port Clinton, Ohio

  1. He has herpes, and probably worse by now. He is not a man. He will cheat with anybody….married,engaged, it doesn’t matter. White trash at its finest. He also does men.

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