Dana Michelle Scott, Steubenville, Ohio, USA

Dana Michelle Scott who is from Steubenville, Ohio is not only a proven cheater in relationships, but she is also another kind of cheater as well. She is a racist bigot who is against nonwhite men namely and specifically African-American or Black men because she has determined that their color of skin which she completely hates is inferior or beneath her own which therefore makes these men unfit and unsuitable in her eyes as serious relationship material for her. Dana Michelle Scott’s racist prejudice and hateful bigotry all originate out of a mentally warped and mentally twisted mind full of racist vileness and bigoted hostility. It is on that note that Dana Michelle Scott from Steubenville, Ohio must be and should be reviled, denigrated, and vilified for her despicable and nauseating wicked racist actions against these individuals who are nonwhite. This is indeed a type of cheating because it cheats such men out of the dignity of being seen as human beings regardless of the skin type they have. Complete Humiliation about this is what she justifiably should have and for Dana Michelle Scott it is what she entirely and absolutely deserves.


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