Dale R Webster, Wichita, Kansas

Dale R Webster lied to me about his relationship status ** and about everything regarding his life! He said he was not seeing anyone, later I found out he was engaged. He was in a long term, 8 year, relationship with someone but she had no idea he was cheating on her with anyone that would let him. I found out he had slept with over 27 different females in just 6 months. I found out that he is having s*x with a different female approximately every 3 weeks. It was after I got CLAP from him that I started to really investigate his story. He was using dating sights and Craiglist to meet up whoever would respond. He would post ads in the cities he was traveling to to find women to hook up with while on the road, in addition to women in the local areas. He was in the military when I fell for his snake charm. He told me he was single, looking for a nice woman to settle down with and someone to help him recover from his divorce and be a family with. He uses his Harley Davidson and guitar playing as ways to whoo females. I was stupid to believe any of his lies. I really feel sorry for his fiance.


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