Daisha Nicole Mills, Sacramento, California

It all began when a childhood friend of my daughters was tragically killed in a house fire. One of their family members put a call for help out on facebook asking for neighbors to come together to clean the home of the parents while they were away dealing with their loss. I felt compelled to offer my assistance and couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful woman this must be to reach out to others and do such a caring thing for her family. Little did I know that this woman would ruin my life and destroy all I held dear in the world. I went to the home, and there I met Daisha Mills, a mother of 4 daughters who seemed like a good Christian woman. I helped with cleaning and my husband decided to offer his help as well with some painting and repairs. I knew the moment I saw the two of them talking that there was a problem. I got this uneasy feeling right away just by the way they were interacting with one another. My intuition would prove to be correct in the worst way possible. In the following months, I befriended this w***e on facebook and began inviting her to social events to which she never came. I found a message exchange between my husband and her on Facebook where he asked her to message him anytime and he complimented her on the many selfies she would constantly post to her FB page. To say she is self obsessed and 100% narcissistic would be kind. Over the next few months I began to notice odd things about my husband’s behavior. He would often disappear for long periods of time, he would disappear in the middle of the night and his stories never seemed to add up. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to pull our cell phone details one day and found a number which was being called all hours of the day and night. When I called it, I got her voicemail stating it was Daisha Mills and I knew right away what had been going on. When I confronted them both she claimed that she barely knew him and he also tried to say that they were just friends which I knew without a doubt was a lie! My husband insisted that he was not sleeping with this s**t but oddly he was still taking off at night and disappearing. I was on facebook one afternoon when all of a sudden a bunch of pictures were posted to my husband’s facebook of him and Daisha at a local club and that’s when he couldn’t deny it anymore. He claimed he tried to break it off with her and so she posted these pictures to get back at him because she knew that he was never going to leave me for her. I called her on the phone and she agreed to meet me in a parking lot where she provided me most of the details of their 8 month long affair and relationship. She was so sick in her head that she tried to persuade me that the 3 of us should have a relationship together because he was so in love with her but that he loved me too. Did we remain married? Yes, after a brief separation we decided to reconcile and it has now been about 3 years since this woman nearly destroyed my family and my life. In my opinion, it is one thing if a man lies to you and says he is not married and you do not know that he is married and you engage in a relationship with him thinking he is free to do so, but this s***k new my husband was married and had kids too and yet she engaged in a relationship with a man she knew was not available. This is the lowest type of woman. If you are a good woman deep in your heart, then when a married man makes advances to you, then you will send him home to his wife! She posts all this stuff on FB about how she believes in G*d and how she is a Christian woman, but she is a daughter of Satan, a w***e who sells her body for money and she deserves respect from no one. Turns out that Daisha Mills who also calls herself Billie Hicks and Reinah Ryan is a local prostitute/escort who has many websites on the internet with nasty naked pictures of herself and what the hourly rate is for her time. There are reviews from men who have paid for s*x with her. If you are paid for s*x, you are a prostitute! For a mother, of daughters no less to put pictures and prices on the internet for all the world to see is unimaginable! She is by far the nastiest most disgusting woman I have ever seen in my life. She changes her name and her appearance, often wearing wigs and is known to frequent bars, casinos and hotels in the Sacramento area. You need only google her and she is not that hard to find. I have seen a lot of people stating why is only the woman being shamed and revealed to be the homewrecker she is…well, in my case, it’s simple. This woman knew without a doubt that my husband was married and she didn’t care. She deliberately engaged in an affair with a man that was not available instead of walking away and as far as I’m concerned that is by far the exact definition of a homewrecker! If she had not known, I might have cut her a break, but she knew and she set out to destroy a family and ruin the lives of my children and for that I have NO FORGIVENESS! To see her many pictures and prices you just need to google her alias Reinah Ryan, or Daisha Mills on Facebook.


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