Crystal Pease, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Little back story on Crystal aka Crystal Meth. Her oldest son is 7 years old and when he was 1 year old, she was busted in a meth house with him….hence the name Crystal Meth! I met her through a friend and she befriended both my boyfriend and I. She started coming over to our house and hanging out and in July of 2013, I asked if she wanted to go out for my birthday and she said “I can’t, I’m pregnant”. I didn’t think anything of it and she continued to tell me that it was her bosses child. September 2013 came and she went into labor…the baby came out mixed NOT WHITE!! Apparently my boyfriend f****d her before I met her and then the b***h had the nerve to come into my home. She lied to his family saying that he told her that we were “just friends” and that he was “helping” with the bills. I told his mom that she knew because her bff told me she told her about me when she told her she slept with him. His family says she’s a “good person”. This sick b***h refuses to get a DNA test and so does he…mind you, when I miscarried in 2012, he said he wanted a DNA test because he didn’t know if the baby was his or not and I have never cheated on him! But yet he believes her and SHE told me “I was out there like that” when I confronted her. There is also another possible father that her friend told me about and that is why she won’t get a DNA test. His family accepted the child as his, even without the DNA test. This s***k is user a*s sick. She’s was fired as a manager at (removed) because she would come to work drunk. Drove her oldest to school with the 1 1/2 yr old in the car and didn’t remember doing it. She just lost her most current job after 2 months for calling off. (removed) I was also told by a friend of a friend that she was dating her mother-in-law and tried to get her husband’s number at the same. When I was with this new friend, we ran into her and she was very nervous about seeing us. She’s a disgusting piece of s**t that should be outted for the w***e she is! Wait, she can’t be a w***e, they get paid….she gives the piece away for FREE, just just a good old fashioned sick b***h!


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