Crystal Harper, Moreno Valley, California

This fat cow lives with her baby’s daddy and decided that wasn’t enough she needed my husband, which is another baby daddy. She doesn’t mind being the side chick I assume its because she knows that’s all she will ever be. Her child was in my home I shared with my husband, her baby daddy #2 and I treated him as my own. Instead of being grateful another woman opened her heart to her child she started pursuing my husband. Obviously jealous and hurt that after 7 years and a child he left her and married me. My husband is to blame just as much but a mother with 2 daughters should have more respect for herself and be a better example. I’m not mad he cheated with her because sadly if it wasn’t her it would have been some other lonely ugly s**t, its funny she thinks she won a good prize. He cheats lies and hits women she too stupid to see she’s the next victim. He’s a boy playing a man and needs a dumb broad to let him walk all over, I didn’t allow that and she was easy. She’s actually proud that she slept with a married man and is feeling so good right now. Lmao soon he will get bored and move on to the next but she’s baby momma she isn’t going anywhere. Any female that accepts that deserves what ever she gets. How you got him is how you loose him baby or not


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