I want to warn all families in Colorado, especially in Douglas County, of Attorney Christina Anne (Martin) Brigham’s violations and the harm of a child and his family through her misconduct and total disregard of her GAL duties.

A complaint to the Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR) filed in May 2017, found that Ms. Brigham was in a “clear violation of Chief Justice Directive 04-06, which establishes the professional obligations for guardians ad litem”. The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel with the Colorado Supreme Court was also notified and found Ms. Brigham in violation of her duties. A confidential (secret) discipline agreement was put in place to deal with her violation.

Throughout her appointment as the child’s GAL, Ms. Brigham has shown bias toward the child’s father and stepmother, while showing a clear favoritism for the mother. This favoritism has clearly been noted by the child and has had inverse effects on the child’s mental health. The child has made statements about having witnessed the mother “talking and crying to Christina” about inappropriate matters during home visits. While visiting the mother on a regular basis, Ms. Brigham has never observed a single interaction between the father and stepmother with the child. But Ms. Brigham has billed the State of Colorado for it in order to fabricate documents to present to the Office of the Child’s Representative and get away with the violation of Chief Justice Directive 04-06.

In addition, on August 12, 2017, Ms. Brigham forcibly grabbed the child out of the family’s car and, by action or inaction, allowed the child to fall to the ground from the car. Because the child refused to go with her, she continued to grab and pull the child while in an irritated mood. On August 14, 2017, a police report (Case # 17-XXXXX) was filed with the Lone Tree Police Department due to her actions (see attached report). During a family session at Dr. XXXXX’s, on August 15, 2017, the child stated being grabbed out of the car by Ms. Brigham and dropped to the ground and getting hurt in the back. This was a highly inappropriate handling of the child, unwanted and not within the scope of her job specifications.

Please be warned that if Christina Brigham is your child’s GAL, you should request the Court to appoint a replacement or at the very least know your rights and how to file complaints with the Office of the Child’s Representative ( and the Colorado Supreme Court / Office of Attorney Regulation (

If you are thinking of hiring Christina Brigham for any other work, do yourself and family a favor: DON’T.

This article is part of a greater research about the failures of the Colorado Department of Family Services, which will be published in the near future.

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