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You may contact us with any questions. Keep in mind that if you say that content is defamatory, it does not mean it is. You need to provide a court order or binding arbitration decision for removal. If you would like to submit a post for a dispute, we participate in the arbitration service provided by Internet Reputation Control, Inc. It is an independent company. We also participate in the arbitration services of Remove Names, Reputation Resolutions, Global Reputation Repair, and many other companies or law firms.

Please note that has no tolerance for an will remove any reports containing nude images posted without the person’s consent and all images of minors.  If you post a child here, you will be treated as the piece of s**t that you are and we will provide any data to law enforcement.  To report images of minors or revenge p**n, use the contact form below to request removal.

All posts about minors will be removed unconditionally, period. If you see minors on the site and write us about it, please make sure that you identify the name posted when you contact us. We won’t reply to ask! If you claim copyright infringement, you need to provide proof of copyright registration and show that fair use does not apply (hint: you probably can’t but just in case…) If you you think that sending bullshit claims and notices to our providers will further your interests, you would be wrong… You won’t like our response!

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If you would like to submit a post for a dispute, we participate in the arbitration service provided by Internet Reputation Control, Inc.  It is an independent company and we do not receive money for removals. The only reason we even participate is to give a removal avenue for people who think posts are false. Don’t bother us or our providers. Our site’s arbitration through a non-affiliated independent provider can be accessed here.  There are also other providers, such as Remove Names, several lawyers, and other accredited arbitrators.  There are also pretenders who claim to scare us or do illegal things.  If you pay them, you are an idiot.  You’ve been warned.

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