Cody Elliott — California

Never cheat on a Latin women while she’s PREGNANT. I met the piece of s*** father of 2 Cody Elliott online thru Plenty of Fish.Com he was so nice and charming at first, but then again they all are. We met in November and began dating exclusively in January or so I thought it was Exclusive… he cheated on me 2 days after he asked me to be his girlfriend. Man text messages don’t lie, everything is date stamped. What an a**! To top it off he cheated on me with a women who in her text stated …I live in a trailer park with my 17 year old daughter… wow he hooked a real catch! Long story short I was blind, stupid and looking for love in all the wrong places. A clear sign I should have high tailed it out of there, he admitted to me he cheated on his ex wife multiple times and as a result he really has no relationship with his 2 sons. I was trying to see the Good in him and only liked him when he was eating my a****** (he loved too on the reg) he wasn’t bad in bed but I had to get accustomed to the SHORTAGE ? Yeah you all know what I mean 4 inches of pure filth. The only good thing that p**** provided was a baby!! Yes I said I’m pregnant by this A****** then again you are what you eat!!!! You would think since I’m pregnant he would try and be there for me and only me but again I was wrong. He cheated on me with a 47 year old, he definitely has a thing for ROAST BEEF CURTAINS. He also just cheated on me with another girl in which he told her he broke up with me? I never knew we broke up? He’ll say anything to f*** a b****. He’s a borderline male prostitute, then again prostitution runs in his family along with alcoholism. He’s a drunk BALD, small d*** pothead who lives in garage. WTF was I thinking. I know what I was thinking $$$ I saw his W2. Definitely not a gold digger, more of a GOAL DIGGER. Im beautiful, successful and really good looking. Never had trouble in the man department until I got caught in the wrath of CODY ELLIOTT. The man has more hair on his b***s then HEAD! Well on the bright side I’ll be having a beautiful baby soon, unfortunately he won’t be there to support me while I’m pregnant as I’m finally DONE with him. He’ll be there financially though$$$ sucks for my baby, this kid deserved two loving parents , not a piece of s*** dad who cheated on mommy while she was pregnant. D**n that’s low! Everything happens for a reason. I mean there’s a reason why G*d blessed this man with a small d***. PS I would always lie and tell him how big it was! Then again us women always do ????


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