Clinton Potts Harrisburg Pa. horse jockey

Clinton Potts, winning horse jockey, is currently involved with a married woman who has 2 kids. He is trying to keep this affair (relationship) a secret, because in his words, he doesn’t need any drama in his life. She came to him as a protegee with aspirations of being a horse jockey. He took her under his wing and soon developed more than a working relationship. Mr. Potts is a well respected horse jockey and role model for kids in the horse community. The kids and horse-racing fans don’t need a homewrecker for a role model.Her name is Carrie(can give last name if necessary.) and works part time at Los Alamitos race track. Mr. Potts has invited her to his house in Pa. for some intense hands on training. He has total disregard for the damage he is causing this family. he needs to be contacted and told that what he is doing is hurt full to his fans and the kids he is destroying.


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  1. This is ridiculous! Carrie is married to an abusive husband and sought out Clint because of his jockey profile. She is serving her soon to be ex with divorce papers. This is an attempt at destroying Clint due to jealousy. Quite obvious! Get a life dude!

  2. Firstly there is no affair!! Whoever wrote this I apologize that you either were so hurt that in order to feel better about yourself you had to try and ruin people’s lives and reputations. I also feel bad that you are so jealous of the fact that a man can be just friends with a woman. Obviously you don’t know me because people who know me know how many children I have. My friendship with Clint is based on trust, respect and communication. Three things the author of this piece of fiction is incorrect about is my marital status when both parties involved in a divorce are in Law Enforcement there is confidentiality, which means the general public is not privledged to information of the parties involved. The second thing is Clint breaking up a family. My ex husband did that on his own. I am a victim of domestic violence. You try having a gun pulled on you and have your husband say, ” I can do whatever I want whenever I want and there is nothing you can do about it.” Psychological, Emotional and Sexual abuse are very much apart of Domestic Violence. Clint helped me realize that I was a victim and he gave me the courage to seek the help I needed. The third thing is that I am not a conquest. I am an individual not property and it’s because of Clints understanding and supportive nature I learned this.

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