Clarissa Cordova, Chicago, Illinois

This woman is a predator of men and women. She has multiple men she sleeps with. She states she is married to an Eric Perez.I doubt that any man would marry her. She likes taken men to feel comfortable that she doesn’t want anything but s*x. After she gets her claws in she will ask them for money/gifts. But don’t worry boys you wont have to do anymore than sleep with her. She will blackmail you and your family with outing you to the world. Threaten your job. Shes posted multiple innocent men to this site. Of course she claims she has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter if your single, married, honest or lying. Either way she will try and ruin you for doing exactly what shes doing. It would sound great for most men…..a women that wants causal s*x, requires nothing more than a cheap pay by the hour motel room. She must feel that if a man lays in bed with her, she has them. She states she has feelings for these men..but arent you married. Clarissa Cordova would like people to believe she is a victim. The married ones are broken and at the lowest part of their lives. Her seductive openness for s*x have only made them feel worse. The single men thought it was the perfect set up. So if she is married hopefully her husband reads this. If she is not….im sure all the men that encountered her wish they seen this first. So beware, you will feel as dirty and trashy as she is. Pray her daughter never models her behavior. Men don’t want who res. You may have layed in bed with so many men. But have you noticed none of them want anything else from you. They are sickened by the thought of you. She will also deny doing anything wrong. She somehow know nothing. You know the truth when you lay your head down at night. Thats what really matters. Only mentally ill people can fool themselves of their own truth. You can delete and I will do the same as I see this as a cowardly way to handle real life….but I forgot….you didn’t do anything.


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