Cindy hunt Fetzer

This woman has cheated with multiple married men and choses to keep ongoing relationships for years and years with her married lovers. She has no regard for her family or husband for that matter. She’s been known to cheat on the ones she is cheating with too. She enjoys smoking pot and keeping her business as her “man cave”. She Liz the devil in disguise. Look out when sending your young girls to Lear2sew Florida. She is not to be trusted.


One thought on “Cindy hunt Fetzer

  1. Here we go again from the first post with absolute untruths and lies. Today I may make a report not just about what as been said on this site, but with the threats the invisible accuser has made to me that are criminal and damaging, it would not be difficult to track this individual down, (trust me) however I would rather let this go and continue to work hard and focus on what is important to me, my family and my business.

    This person email address is not exactly discreet (

    I am totally in the dark of this social attack on my character. I am a wife and parent and what I do socially is my business and my business alone. I do not nor have or ever had affairs with ones husbands, this is an absurd attack for someone’s enjoyment who needs to go elsewhere, yes whoever you are, needs to back off before it’s too late for regrets. If you statements were true, what is your name and who is your husband we would all love to know.

    Invisible non factual information of this kind is a criminal offense, and a defamation of character, if this nonsense doesn’t stop I will call the FBI, they will track you down in seconds and will prosecute you, now I ask nicely to let this go as the statements you have made on many sites are completely false.


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