Christy Hinchman, Auburn, Alabama

Christy Hinchman is a low life scum who started an affair with an engaged man. She started the interaction with him after meeting him at HIS OWN ENGAGEMENT PARTY! She began Facebooking him and emailing him and it soon led to her inviting him to her home. The affair officially began in December of 2012. The couple was set to be married on March 9, 2013, but that never happened. She deliberately hit the answer button on the grooms phone WHILE they were having s*x (THE NIGHT BEFORE THEIR REHEARSAL DINNER!! TWO DAYS BEFORE THEIR WEDDING!!) ! His fiance had to sit there for over 15 minutes and listen to him screw another girl. She was very animated and obviously a complete w***e for #1 going after a practically married man and #2 because they used no protection. Wives in Auburn, AL and surrounding areas BEWARE! This girl is a bartender and has no issues in going after men who are already taken.


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