Christopher Vanzant, Marysville Wasington , snohomish.

Chris is a Liar. He has bad lying issues. He uses people, and chose drugs over his children, he abandon them. He lies about what he does for a living, how he grew up and everything else . Even his name. He will say his real name is Christain. But nope its christopher or Chris. I forgot his middle name. He is also a theif. He has been in and out of jail. He has no contact orders on women. He will steal from your children. He is also a cheater. There is something terribly wrong with this guy. He has a victim right now. But he doesn’t know how to hold onto relationships. So if this can help any future victims I hope it does. He is a low life poor excuse of a man. And sociopath. And I hope he gets his b***s snipped. He cannot go around making babies and abandon them. He is charming and charm your way into your heart but that’s all lies too. All you woman out there be careful meeting christopher,Chris, Christain VanZant.


One thought on “Christopher Vanzant, Marysville Wasington , snohomish.

  1. This is a silly post by his baby mama. She convienly left his name off the parental afidavid the birth certificate is hyphenated with both her boyfriend and Chris’s name this was done so she could collect welfare and Chris would have no rights to his child. I am the current girlfriend of 6 months and Chris is a wonderful man. Anyone that is writing about a 3 year old relationship is disturbed!

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