Christopher Travis Placek

From the beginning we moved in with each other and I worked 50 to 60 hour weeks. I caught him on Skype with his ex in the first few months. I let it go on to see how stupid I was. He would send emails saying that he has a girlfriend but to send a picture of her b******e. Then had to most volger conversations with her nanny that made me have a break down. Tried to talk to 3 different girls on my birthday that I had to work 15 hours on. Along with messages to past hook ups telling them he missed mornings with them. Even before that flirting with an ex from high school sending pic’s to each other. Also talking to other girls until I finally had it and confronted him. He had me pay for every trip to the grocery store for a year. He before would set up Craigslist ads. One time he tried to find a trany. Then tried to turn it on me. How many times and girls. Would only let me live by his work so I bought a house near by. I have to drive an hour to my job. When he left he told me I should be leaving. The house is in my name and I put up $10,000. Great guy. Let me pregnant so I miscarried from the stress.


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