Christopher Marshall West Sacramento, California

Christopher Marshall was living in the Ft Bragg/Fayetteville area. We matched on Tinder in April, and he introduced himself as “a separated man looking for a FWB’. He tells me how “being in Afghanistan changed him” and the wife racked up his credit cards in debt, then took off with his two sons back to California. He gave me a STD, and finally admitted I was not the first person since his divorce. I contacted the wife when he abruptly ended things, claiming he had PTSD issues and was “unstable” and couldn’t see me anymore for my safety. She said they NEVER talked about a divorce, and she only moved away before his ETS in the army to enroll their oldest child in kindergarten. He still proclaims his innocence, claiming “we never talked about a divorce but we were separated”, knowing the wife and I talked and she specifically told me she was upset/thanks for telling me/we never discussed a divorce. The wife moved back to Cali May 19th, we met may 22nd, and I was -not- the first person he cheated on her wife. We had been speaking since April and he consistently invited me to Fayetteville “for a week”, repeatedly, in April and early May. I have no idea where he planned to keep me for a week while he worked and had a wife and kids to tend to while they were still in North Carolina. He is twisted, and low key crazy, too. Looking at him being 5’10, slightly chubby and laid back, you wouldn’t think he could premeditate such an extreme cheating affair with multiple women!!!!!!!


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