Christopher C Minder, Glendale, Arizona

Christopher C Minder has genital warts. He is known to meet women off the internet and is also known to LIE HIS NAME. He will try and pass his genital warts off as Pearly Penile Papules, a common and nonthreatening skin problem uncircumcised men get. Christopher is a lifestyle criminal living off false disability claims and his mother. He is controlling and extremely physically and emotionally abusive. He is also a S*X PREDATOR in every sense of the phrase. He is on lifetime probation for having s*x with a minor, who probably turned him in after contracting HPV from him. He is insane as he is particularly persuasive about having unprotected s*x. Christopher is a convincing sociopath. He is currently attending Glendale Community College, I hope girls on his campus will read this and spread the message! He has admitted to having s*x with over 60 women. As you can tell there is nothing worth while about this disgusting man. DO NOT BECOME ONE OF HIS


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    1. i am not the author, but if this is the man i think it is, i would like to share info. hernamewasalexx at gmail

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