Christine Small, Scarborough, Maine

Two years previous my husband had a relationship with this woman, Christine Small. He has a drinking problem and she made him feel like I didn’t understand him and she did. Of course she is married with two small children. She told stories of how awful her husband is to her and wanted my husband to believe that she needed his support and attention. Of course this disgusting creature did not care that I was recovering from multiple surgeries and that my children and I needed him. I found out the first time from an email she sent my husband saying “she can’t wait to be in his arms again”. I did some digging and discovered she lived in my apartment complex. I then notified her husband of her extracurricular activities. My husband then confided that she has multiple lovers. This girl is quite big and very homely. Obviously it’s not her looks that gets these multiple men. I then left her alone for the time being and tried to work things out with my husband. Shortly afterward my son informed me that he’s no longer allowed at the playground. This nasty creature went to the apartment complex office and said she saw my son writing swear words on the equipment. It was a false claim. I then went to her door and ripped her a new a*****e and let her know that I was not a woman to mess with. I thought I had seen the end of her diseased a*s. Now 2 years later I have another major surgery and am trying to recover. I go to look at my cell phone bill and discover that my husband and her and hooking up again. I ran down to her house and informed her husband of her latest behavior and he kicks me out. Obviously a man in denial. I have since kicked my husband out and trying to get money to move. This W***E has invaded my life not once but twice and I would love nothing more than beating her up. Obviously she’s not worth going to jail for but if she has multiple men involved I’m sure I’m not the only wife who wants punished.



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