Christina Howe Oeltjen, Osakis, Minnesota

I met Christina On when she was married to Steve Oeltjen.. She had her kids with her the night we met.. She drove around for a bit and then took me to a hotel where she put her girls in bed next to us and her twin boys in the floor then she f****d me… Her oldest daughter woke up and caught us f*****g and said mom what are you doing.. She also took me to Ohio one time and f**k me all the way there and while we where there and on the way back.. She Put her $ year old twin sons in a pack and play In our room and let them stand there and watch Us f**k!! Her ( year old daughter Courtny Watched us f**k for over 10. min at the hotel before she said what are you doing Mommy?? I f****d this Dumb s**t for a year In all Kinds of places her mini van, woods At her work all kinds of places over and over and over.. Her husband was a farmer so he would go to work at 5am then she would have me over to f**k her in there bed.. I f****d her all over the house.. I never met a woman more egar to cheat before she even payed for the room the night I met her!! Christina was so bad that she even cheated on me with Ryan as she was dating me and cheating on Steve!! I never met a Woman more slutty the Christina!! I don’t think she could ever be fathful to anyone ever.. She will always cheat she Is just that type…


4 thoughts on “Christina Howe Oeltjen, Osakis, Minnesota

  1. You should include your own full name in this post since you’re obviously just as much of a scumbag as she is.

    1. Nah I wouldnt say my name if I was him.If she gives up the p***y like that married then you cant blame this guy for taking that s**t.

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